Proud to present my first series of limited edition prints based on Hawaiian fauna/plants and species.

Pulelehua means butterfly in Hawaiian. There are only two endemic species of butterflies in Hawaii...these orange ones illustrated are the Kamehameha Butterflies, with the namesake of the Kingdom of Hawaii's first ali'i.


Ma'o Hau Hele is the Yellow hibiscus, the official state flower of Hawai'i.


All photos and videos were taken at The Maui Butterfly Farm - Hawaii's only butterfly farm - in Olowalu on the Island of Maui.


The butterfly population is dwindling all over the world due to climate change and contaminated agricultural practices. They are absolutely vital to our environment as they are pollinators and valuable pest control/natural food sources.


Photos by Aki Sword


Pulelehua & Ma’o Hau Hele Print

  • Printed by local company Maui Printworks on high quality linen textured paper

    Designed and cut with extra space to fill an 8 x 10 frame with matte

    Each print comes with matte framing, backing, and plastic sleeve

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