Proud to present my first series of limited edition prints based on Hawaiian fauna/plants and species.

Pueo, or short-eared owl, is endemic to Hawaii and is deemed an ʻaumākua or familial guardian. 


Pueo are considered an endangered species due to threats to their environment such as light pollution, vehicle collision, and invasive predators. 


While I’ve never been fortunate enough to see a pueo in the light of the moon, I’ve always been fascinated by their stoic presence in photographs and stories from friends and family. 


Lingering in the scented tropic trade winds are silver Hinahina, or Spanish moss. Hinahina are also known as Pele’s hair, which is the volcano goddess based in Kilauea on the Big Island.


Photos by Aki Sword


Pueo & Hinahina Magnet

  • 2x3 inches, comes with plastic sleeve

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