Proud to present my first series of limited edition prints based on indigenous Hawaiian fauna and species.

Mo'o, or Hawaiian lizards are also depicated as dragons in mythology. Don't be fooled by its small size as they're renowned for their shapeshifting abilities and are considered an 'aumakua, or family deity. My family has always identified with the mo'o as our guardian, which I feel is fitting for my soft spoken nature but strong, endearing spirit. 

Unpictured are mo'o I actually found climbing along the 'ulu, or breadfruit trees. 'Ulu are protein rich with other incredible health benefits. 'Ulu is an embodiment of the Hawaiian god Ku to sustain and nourish the people.

DISCLAIMER: All photos were taken with great respect towards their subject matter. Fruits and leaves gathered from the 'ulu were found on the ground from which they fell.

Mo'o & 'Ulu

  • Printed by local company Maui Printworks on high quality linen textured paper

    Designed and cut with extra space to fill an 8 x 10 frame with matte

    Each print comes with matte framing, backing, and plastic sleeve

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