One of Maui islands most fascinating features is the diversity of its microclimates. Whilst visitors often envision a tropical paradise, misty and chilly Kula offers a different atmosphere. Kula’s air is so crisp and sweet, you can taste it’s aromatic fragrance. Flowers and plants bloom and thrive in Kula’s numerous botanical gardens and farms such as @aklmaui @nuisgarden and @kulacountryfarms 

Symbols of Kula illustrated are its famous strawberries and gorgeous protea bouquets sold on the side of the road...usually based on an honor system. My ‘ohana and I have ALWAYS wanted to live in Kula - but for now we enjoy holoholo to escape the tropical heat.

Kula Print

  • 8.5 x 11 inches printed on glossy paper

    comes in plastic sleeve

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