Fruit of the kalo, or taro, are pounded into a paste known as poi, a staple of the Native Hawaiian diet. I have fond memories of gathering kalo at my elementary school’s lo’i farm, swishing my toes through the slippery mud and dodging toads. 


According to the Kumulipo, or ancient Hawaii’s chant of origin, kalo first rooted from a buried stillborn baby of the gods.  Kalo is a symbol of life and ‘Ohana, or family, as it has provided nourishment to the Native Hawaiian people for generations. 


Poi isn’t everyone’s  cup of tea, but it’s a great source of nutrition for everyone - from infants to people with allergies/dietary restrictions. 

Kalo Acrylic Pins

  • 1.23 x 1.25 inches

    Acrylic lightweight material with one butterfly fastener

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