Daily Bailey: Iao Valley ⛰ 

Iao Valley State Park is a beautiful, lush destination and deemed a national natural landmark. Like many Maui locals, my first birthday party was held at Iao Valley’s picnic tables and I spent many days frolicking through the Heritage Gardens, which features model homes reflecting Hawaii’s melting pot of ethnicities. A white picket fence surrounds the Portuguese house, which features a small garden and Virgin Mary Statue in the back. Strong lion statues protect the Chinese garden, accompanied with a stone bridge. My personal favorite (no surprises here) is the Japanese house and garden, with a pond full of colorful koi. The Korean home is impressive and beautifully decorative. The Filipino house has a solid tin roof and is surrounded by coconut trees. Lastly, the traditional Hawaiian hut is constructed with pili grass and features a lot of endemic and indigenous native plants. Unfortunately, about 4 years ago, the park suffered various damages due to flash flooding. Many areas since then have been restored, and it still a beautiful and sacred place where many locals come to hike, barbecue and swim in the cool streams. 


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‘Iao Valley Holographic Stickers

  • Taken from Iao Valley illustration

    3 x 2.5 inches

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